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KENZ Safety most popular and the commonly used type of hand tool is the hammer. The hammer is defined as a device used to deliver blows to an object or strike another object , in the sense that it is used for driving nails, fitting parts and breaking up objects. Available in various shapes and structures, hammers are designed for specific purpose. The hammer consists of a handle to which a heavy head, usually made of metal is attached, with one or more striking surfaces. The basic design of a hand tool is hand operated though there are also different mechanically operated designs for heavier uses. Quality axes are manufactured through a hot-forged process, then heat treated and tempered. The best grade of forged axes has beveled blades to reduce binding in the wood. In many cases, axes are also known by the term "hatchets".


KENZ Safety wrenches having fixed or adjustable jaws, used for gripping, turning, fastening, tightening, twisting or loosening objects such as nuts, bolts or pipes and pipe fittings. A wrench is mainly used to hold and turn nuts, bolts, caps, screws, plugs and various threaded parts. Top quality wrenches are forged from fine-hi grade material , machined to close tolerances and hardened and tempered for long service life. Wrenches come in Metric sizes or American Standard Inch. There are also many special designed wrenches that can be applied to only a few selected jobs or parts. Since most imported products are made to metric specifications, a set of metric wrenches has become a must in many industries workshops.

Screwdrivers & Pliers

KENZ Safety screwdriver is a tool used for turning screws so as to drive them into their place. It is a tool to insert and tighten or to loosen and remove screws. It has a thin end, which enters the nick in the head of the screw and with a mechanism to apply torque or force by rotating the tip/end, the screw is inserted into its place . Pliers are a comparatively modern invention. Pliers are popular hand tools which are used for gripping objects by using leverage. They have a pair of pivoted jaws, used for holding, bending, turning, gripping or cutting a variety of things. They have different jaw configurations depending on their usages. Top quality pliers are forged from fine-grain tool steel, machined to close tolerances with hand-honed cutting edges properly hardened.

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